Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Uncle Mich for another Deal or No Deal?

When Dr. Uncle Mich Egwang resigned from KFM, many people started saying that he had got himself in a pickle.
But had he?
He would have thousands of African TV viewers to answer that…
Meanwhile, at this rate we are soon calling him Super Mich.
Yes, I can exclusively reveal to you that the Multi-choice bosses in South Africa are considering to employ Mich again to host the new Deal or No Deal, Nigerian version that starts soon.
A source told me that the Multi-choice team has been looking for a Nigerian who can host the show as good as Mich who hosts the Eastern African version but in vain.
“They would like someone from Nigeria who can easily communicate with the participants but they have failed to get any who is talented as Mich,” the source said, “So, they are left with only one option, to use Mich.”
Mich hosts the Deal or No Deal East Africa and he has managed to make the new game-show one of the must-watch shows on DStv.
And the source told me that one of the Multi-choice bosses said, “I really love Mich’s style and sense of humour so if I’m to go for a second-rate host just because he belongs to the place of the show, I feel a bit conned. Mich should host both, in any case, it’s done in English.”

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bebe Cool in tears for his Bafudde!

You’ve got to feel sorry for Bebe Cool…yes, he has had a double whammy of misfortune.
You all know that he lost the keys of his “expensive” Range Rover during the East African Carnival in Munyonyo recently and he has since been asked to pay Shs1.8 million to get a replacement.
But as he looks for the money to pay for the key, Bebe Cool has been ordered to clear a date of Shs10 million he got from a certain bank as part of money that bought the car.
I can’t mention the name of the bank because of some reasons but I’m sure some of you have started to guess that this is a Ugandan’s bank.
Bebe Cool bought the second-hand car from a Japanese when it had a damaged roof and when I went to Munyonyo on Tuesday I found when the rain had spoilt it even more.
Actually, when it rains heavily, water passes through the roof to the seats and the car is getting more spoilt day after day.
The question is, where is the owner and what does he thinks.
You can’t blame him for negligence because right now he is looking for funds for his album launch where he wants to bring the Ganja Planter singer to perform.
Actually, the other day I bumped into him, walking on the streets.

Chameleone visited by the “stork” again

I know some of you are wondering what being visited by a stork means…
Well, a stork is a wading bird of the family Ciconiidae, having long legs and a long neck and bill, however, in the sense of this statement, the stork is a mythical or symbolic deliverer of a new baby.
And when I say Chameleone has been visited by a stork, I’m sure you know what I mean.
You know, I’m quite wary of giving the details because the guy was playing a friendly match when he got the result.
A certain beauty who lives in Najjanankumbi is the mother of Chameleone’s third child and this has not gone well with Daniella whom, according to MTV Base, he is to wed soon. I’m not so sure about when the wedding of Chameleone and Daniella will take place but a source has told me the two are not at talking terms simply because of the new baby news. And there's a possibility of cancelling the wedding.
“Chameleone was kind of thrilled to be having a third child, but is under fire now after failing to keep it a secret from Daniella and she has threatened to walk out on him,” said a close pal of Chameleone.
Chameleone is already dad to Dorotia’s Ayla and Daniella’s Abba …

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mr Nice, Chameleone beaten up in Tororo

CAPTION: Chameleone rides a horse in Tororo(circled)

There is one man who will never get out of the news, either for good reasons or bad. It is Jose Chameleone…
A source in the town of Tororo told Rafshizzle that Chameleone and his Tanzanian counterpart were caned for “conning” other guys’ girls.
The two finished a “massive” show and everybody who turned up for the show at King George VI Memorial Stadium, left happy and satisfied but the two would annoy a group of youth who mobilised their friends and attacked the artistes with canes.
Mr Nice lost his “golden” bling bling in the clash but they both managed to escape free of wounds.
Chameleone had earlier in the day (May 16), caused a stir in the town as he rode his white horse through Tororo streets.
But that good beginning was to end on a bad note.
Photo by John Augustine Emojong

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chameleone clashes with Bobi Wine again!

The two definitely make it to the list of Uganda’s top 10 artistes but Chameleone and Bobi Wine could have done something else in case they were not singers.
And perhaps, they would be boxers or kick-boxers, or any fighters of the sort.
The pair will never stop fighting whenever they meet and so that was the case even when they met last Tuesday at Club Silk. However, this time round, they abandoned using their hands and they decided to fight using their cars. Whoever knocked the other only God knows better, because they have traded counter accusations and whomever you talk to persuades you to accept that he was on the defence. They both reported each other at Jinja Road Police. They all talked to newspaper journalists and radio presenters explaining what happened.
Chameleone and Bobi Wine fighting is an old story to me----something you expect everyday but my concern is only that some things start as jokes and end up being serious.
Whatever God has prepared to end this feud, I am sure one of them will regret heavily.Meanwhile, I managed to get a photo of Bobi Wine’s spoilt car.

Gaying for a Visa to UK

Whoever planned the “Gay Demo” in UK recently must have realised it was unsafe to have it in Uganda, a country with a good volume of teargas.
I mean, if the communication was for Ugandans, why didn’t these fellas come down here to preach their word of so-called “leave the gays alone.” Whites, blacks and other colours I can’t explain gathered to protest outside the Ugandan High Commission, London, against the witch-hunt of Ugandan lesbians and gays.
But in which country, huh, whose country? Guys (please not gays) let’s get serious. I hear even some Ugandans these days have changed tricks of acquiring visas to UK by claiming they are gays who are being tortured in Uganda. This happens nowhere, the act despite being illegal in Uganda and heaven.
Oh God, save the dear motherland! I don’t care what you think but I don’t support it, simple!Check out the photos of the demonstrators. All photos from www.flickr.com. Protest outside the Ugandan High Commission, London, against the witch-hunt of Ugandan lesbians and gays – September 22 2006.

Monday, May 21, 2007

President Bobi Wine’s lisp?

MPOZZI, IT'S LISP OR LIPSTICK: Bobi seems to be consulting with Barbie before performing

I’m one person who loves writing about Ugandan artistes, so I often listen to their music, word-by-word, just not to kid myself whenever I need to try out the lyrics.
I, actually, can sing all Bobi Wine’s songs minus Kiwani because there is a line where I don’t understand what he says.
In the last verse, he sings, “…n’omukazi abulwa okyokulya (kiwani), n’afuna ezigula lisp tick…” meaning, “a woman could shun eating to buy ‘lisp tick’.”
Did the President mean the word “lisp tick” or it was a lisp in pronouncing the word “lipstick”?
By the way don’t think I’m kidding just listen to the song and mark the last verse and maybe when you discover the truth, you can eventually help the President of Ghetto with some info about women’s cosmetics…
In the meantime, over to you Mr President...

Chameleone’s Kili Awards win

Ok, I will level with you now, Chameleone has not technically got his mitts on an award as yet.
But he has, through a media poll, won the contest of “the favourite East African artiste to headline this year’s Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Awards.”
The organisers of Tanzania’s premium music accolades staged a poll for Tanzanians to choose a foreign artiste they would love to grace the ceremony slated for this Saturday, May 26 in Dar es Salaam---and Chameleone emerged winner beating Bebe Cool, Nameless, Kleptomaniax and Ngoni among others.
Therefore, Chameleone would perform at the event alongside his Leone Island Crew and Mr Nice whom he has made a new track with. Actually, Tanzanians are eager to watch Chameleone do his thing with their son or brother Professor J on their collabo Sivyo Ndivyo, which is rocking charts in East Africa.
Moreover, Chameleone has been nominated for Best East and Central African Artiste of the Year in the same awards, however, he will have to battle it out with the likes of Nameless and Koffi Olomide.
But he beat Koffi Olomide and counterpart Awilo Longomba to the same award in 2004.
Thumbs-up for you, boy…

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Artiste for Abbey Road Studios

It is once again that time of the year when local artistes put their work on the scale…I mean, the Celtel/Bell-sponsored Pam awards are back.
The media launch was held at Serena Conference Centre last Thursday and, boy, we had kimere…
Well, most stakeholders in the music industry were present and it was just the right time and place for the organisers to announce the new strategies.
Chairman Isaac Mulindwa said, they decided to take the number of categories to 35 by introducing a new category, Album of the Year.
But the most interesting one was the offer for the New Artiste of the Year. On top of the cash prize, the New Artiste will get an offer to record at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios located on Abbey Road, in St John’s Wood in the City of Westminster, London. The studios produced some of all-time greats like The Beatles, Cliff Richard, Al Stewart, Pink Floyd, The Shadows and ABBA.
Bell Lager will pay all expenses for the trip and record deal.
Celtel’s Martin said he was delighted by the offer for the New Artiste because the previous ones have had to struggle after getting the awards.
“Look at Winnie Munyenga (2003), East World Fooda (2004), Sweet Kid (2005) and Lady Mariam Tindatine (2006), they have not lived up to our expectations,” he said.
Meanwhile, the main event is slated for November 3; however, regional launches commence on Saturday, May 26 at the Garden’s Restaurant in Fort Portal before moving to Mbale in two weeks time.
And, the nomination and voting system remains the same like in 2006.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Is Mega Dee Back With Kronno?

The last time Gen. Mega and Menton Kronno spoke about their singing relationship was some months ago and it was a bitter affair as they counter accused each other of hypocrisy...
But have things changed?
It depends who you believe – some Press said the former singing duo had the mother of all arguments and can never talk to each other...While the photo I have here shows that the two were having a good time together at the vigil of Kafeero at Calendar Guest House last Thursday. Actually they had a lenghty chat and they laughed and they left the place hand in hand.
They both said they were not in a position to talk about their relationship but also said they are friends.
So, what’s it all about boys?
Anyhow, you can make of it what you will.

Amon's musical war on Juliana

Will Juliana Kanyomozi and her ex-boyfriend Amon Lukwago ever know when to stop this?
When this one says “A” the other will say “B” and they have no problem with finishing the 26 letters and then repeat until we stop listening…
Just of recent Juliana’s new catch, boxer Kassim Ouma promised to sing blasting Amon for not leaving him and Juliana alone.
And now, Rafshizzle can exclusively reveal to you that Amon is also working on a strategy to combat Juliana on the music front.
Amon was overheard telling his friends that he would like to show the world that he did a lot to make Juliana what she is today.
He said he would invest in his new girlfriend Liz to start singing and make sure she topples Juliana.
He said this would also help him show the world that it was him who made Juliana a successful singer.
As you read this, Amon has already contacted songwriter Silver Kyagulanyi to pen 10 songs for Liz and she is expected to enter the studio very soon.My only slight concern on this venture is that it seems we are soon getting a new Chameleone-Bobi affair in music and this time the females.

Miss Uganda contest on the brink to flop

Surely, Miss Uganda beauty contest has more swings and roundabouts than your local park. I actually wonder if we can one day have a stable contest…
Just when we had started celebrating the return of the big event, news reaching my desk is not as good as something promising.
A source told me that the Executive Director of the contest Solaya Zalwango has been forced into a court battle by her former assistant Jessica Kyeyune.
The story is that Kyeyune is surreptitiously trying to influence big companies to sponsor her to start a similar contest so as to counter Zalwango’s pageant.
An insider said Kyeyune wants to force Zalwango to accept to sell her some of the shares in the Miss Uganda Company. Kyeyune thinks she is a better organiser and yet popular among potential sponsors than Zalwango, so she is tired of being used as an assistant and wants to be a shareholder.
However, Zalwango is not ready to give up her company to anybody come rain or shine and she has decided to contact a lawyer who is my friend seeking help.
The worry is that the contest might fail to take place as the focus shifts from region auditions to court proceedings.
The next one is expected to take place in Mbale on May 26 before Jinja on June 2 and finally, Kampala on June 9.Anyhow, we just have to keep our fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Behind the scenes at P-Square show

Call me a peeping Tom, but the truth remains that I love a good spy on things that happen behind the scenes…and I guess it is one of the reasons why you visit this blog.
Straight away: the P-Square show at Lugogo last Saturday was no exceptional and here is what you could have missed out on seeing.

Note: All photos by Bruno B

P-Square manager Jude brutalises fans
As P-Square rocked, people went crazy and many started craving to at least touch the stars on stage. But their manager Jude was having none of it. So he brutalised whoever tried to climb the platform and get closer to the singers. Oga, you were too rude!
See photo:

Clever J is very clever on drinks
Even a cat would complain if you drank milk in front of it yet it is also hungry.
But artiste Clever J is not the kind of guy who gives a damn. At P-Square show he enjoyed his booze alone as his bodyguards "thirstfully" looked on.
Maybe, Clever J is so clever that he can never allow his bodyguards to lose their soberness for even a single minute.
Check photo:

Mr “busy man” Eddie Sendi ends it well
There is no doubt that B.C.E’s Eddie Sendi, who was one of the organisers, was also the busiest man of the night.
Sendi had five phones on him and would recieve like three calls at a time but that was not wearisome enough to bar him from adding on more responsibilities. And he was also the man to look after the beautiful girls at the venue. He would jump from one place to another, meeting and talking to different girls; then in a blink of an eye you would see him talking on phone, then running to the entrance and back at the backstage---man, the dude was all over the place! Umm, not dude, then why were all girls craving for him...Ah!
Anyways, by the time the show ended, he was really tired but what a good end, he had a beauty to accompany him for a respite as you can see in the photo below. What I don't know is if he really rested...

Models beaten for sneaking into P-Square car
And perhaps after realising that Jude was quite harsh on those who climbed the stage to touch P-Square, some girls---including a model I know but won't mention her name for some reasons---took cover behind the stage waiting for the twins.
As Paul and Peter Okoye were entering, the girls sneaked into the car provoking beatings from the 'unkind' bouncers who pounced at them started slapping them before throwing them out of the car like they were throwing toilet papers! Consequently, one of the girls hit her head on a pole of the tent behind the stage and she started crying but no blood!
I suspect these girls wanted to give Paul and Peter the results of the “six-pack body” competition. You know, the twins had earlier staged a sort of competition between themselves when they put-off their shirts and asked the audience to vote the one who has the best body.
Photo: A girl consoles a friend who was harshly thrown out of P-Square car hence hitting her head.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Upcoming Stories!!!

Hi guys I could finish some of the stories because I was not feeling well but I promise tomorrow it will be first thing when I sit on my computer. Thanks

However, that doesn't bar me from hinting on some of my upcoming stories.

1. Hakeem Saga has finally been sacked from Capital FM and has been replaced by Flavia formerly of Teens Club on WBS...
Details of why, when, how and who sacked him, keep it right here...

2. Amon to start musical war on Juliana. Amon will make sure the world realises he did a lot to make Juliana what she is today. He is to sponsor his new girlfriend Liz to the music studio so as to oust Juliana...
For more, return later

3. If not another "kiwani" Da Twinz guys called me on Friday and said they are planning a return on December 1 to celebrate the World's Aids Day in Kampala...
Just watch the space, I will be giving more

Other words, Good Night.

Tiner school of beauty or “difficulty”!

I first heard this story some good weeks ago and I though it was a temporary order but nay!
I’m not saying that students at Tiner School of Beauty have difficulties in doing their courses---of course you will freely get your certificate in three years as long as you pay tuition fee of Shs1.9 million---but the students are quite uncomfortable about the issue of the school lavatories.
I have been shocked to learn that the Kibuli situated school has no lavatories – sorry, they have them but students are on a “Pay as You Use” service where one pays Shs100 whenever he/she needs to use the lavatory. Actually, the school has hired a man to sit at the toliet entrance to charge whoever is entering the toilets.
One of the students told me that the school management has advised Muslim girls to use stones to clean themselves and those in periods to learn to control their periods.
“Is this possible?” I couldn’t reach the school principle/owner, Ms Ruth Kibirige yet my story was getting old but I promise to give the excerpts when I land on her---just the right reason why you should watch this space!

I beg your pardon, Bishop Gundi?

I wouldn’t want to sound offensive here, therefore the picture will do most of the talking.
Perhaps, I can help it say a word or two: “In a land where there is a lot of strong gender balance talking, you (a man) will never be blamed if you put on like a woman or even if you sat in a seat prepared for a woman.”
Another clue: The Bishop in the photo belongs to Gulu Diocese where First Lady Janet Museveni was invited for an event recently. She was supposed to sit in that…
Aaa…I’m not comfortable telling the details because of some reasons, so please my readers the picture is enough. Just imagine what the chief guest did after finding such a dignity figure in her seat…

My Absence, I had an accident!

How are you all my good people, I am back!
In know everybody would like to know why I have been quiet for all that time.
Well, straight to the point: I almost died in an accident in Muyenga at around 8 p.m. on Thursday evening.
My friend Jeff who was driving apparently lost control of the Toyota SE100 in which we were travelling as another person in a blue BMW tried to hurtle our car.
Something like, “culpable homicide!”
Our vehicle overturned between the road leading to Enos Tumusiime’s home and the main route leading to International Hotel Muyenga.
The good thing is that I suffered minor injuries and was treated for shock at Kibuli Hospital that night but my friend cannot walk well up to now because he tried to jump out of the car.
He told me he knew the man in the blue BMW and that they are at loggerheads but he refused to tell me the guy’s names.
Up to today, I’m still gobsmacked and I don’t know what exactly was happening. The only detail I can give is that I had an accident in Muyenga, got injuries on my shoulder and ears.
Actually my left-hand-side ear still pains.

I want to say thanks for all your good prayers people. But my highest thanks go to my creator Allah (God).
I want to say, Thank You God for whatever happened to me because you bring and take away, you create and destroy whenever you wish. I would still be grateful to you for whatever would have happened to me because I can’t deny death and I can’t fear it. I’m sure God you have a better place for me and us all, I believe in you Allah.
Allahu Akbar

But now I am back and back with a bang.


Rafshizzle, da nizzle who's rizzle for shizzle!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bobi Wine invites me for his Kuhingira

CAPTION: These guys will soon be walking down the aisle.

Aahhh... breathe it in, that is the fresh scent of Bobi Wine’s wedding cake.
Yep, it’s not yet time to eat that cake but we have at least started on the journey leading us to artiste Bobi Wine and girlfriend Barbie’s wedding day.
I mean, Bobi Wine shocked me today with a telephone call inviting me to accompany him to Ntungamo for his introductions come Saturday.
So, stick to this blog and you will get all the big low down as it happened in Ntungamo next week.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

JKazoora replaces Gaetano at Capital FM

CAPTION: Smiling for a camera at a new office wouldn't be a problem for Kazoora

The truth is that within 30 days JKazoora formerly of KFM will be presenting on rival station Capital FM, I can exclusively reveal to you.
Kazoora had to kneel for the job and Rafshizzle can reveal to you that the lad is not ready to return to UK for the so-called studies.
The story is that he is replacing Gaetano Kaggwa who has since lodged in his resignation from the Kamwokya station, however, Kazoora could be moved to the afternoon and Hakeem joins Lillian and Oulanya in the morning.
I don’t want to give you half-cooked news but I promise that within a day, you will have the detailed story of even how Kazoora went to Capital; whom he talked to; the interview and most importantly when he is going on air.
Meanwhile, I can reveal that Beat FM programs director Joel Isabirye is also set to replace Bills at sister station Capital.
The boss of both radios William Pike has since sponsored Isabirye to go to Austria for a significant course as far as radio management is concerned in the wake of the resignation of Bills.
To be honest with you guys, watch this space, I will keep you posted on both stories.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Boys II Men’s Nathan at Volts Tonight

CAPTION: Extreme right is Saad posing for a photo with two cuties as Nathan (Right) entertains them recently when Boys II Men performed at the club. For more info check in my archives of April

Tonight, Club Volts UK will get a high music voltage thanks to one of the lead singers of Boys II Men Nathan Morris.
Morris will perform during a one-man show at the club, the club manager Saad Buwembo has said.
Buwembo called me a few hours and said, “I have Nathan Morris of the world’s most successful boy band Boys II Men performing today.”
He added: “After the show am gonna get back to you soon for updates and photos for publication on your blog, you know it’s very serious and big here. People wake up to read your blog.”
I would like to say thanks, Saad. And I will continue serving you guys with nothing but the true and interesting gossip.
Meanwhile, Saad said internationally known and prolific producer cum singer Timbaland would be launching his hit single Give It To Me to the UK audience at Club Volts on May 11, which is exactly a week after Nathan’s. so you guys out there, know where to go tonight and next week.
Man, Club Volts is going places.
The club formerly owned by Ghanaians is now run by Ugandans Saad Buwembo and Clay Omar Kiseka and it is the first Afro club with two floors of entertainment including a VIP lounge. It is situated on 169-171 Fore Street in London.

Ashraf makes more two troublesome films

CAPTION: Ashraf talks to Rafshizzle from his bed at Mulago Hospital two days after he resurfaced from his kidnapping last year(right) and (left) he acts with a gun in one of the scenes of Murder in the City.

If there is anybody who loves riding on the back of conflicts, then it is actor Ashraf Simwogerere.
When President Museveni said he wanted an elected Katikiro for Mengo Government, Simwogerere was the first person to write a play portraying what would happen if Kabaka accepted Museveni’s opinion. And I don’t need to remind you what happened when Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi was arrested after the death of his wife Robinah. The film Murder in the City caused stir in Kampala when people who wanted him to abandon it, reportedly kidnapped him.
But as if that was not enough, when bigwigs like ex-minister Mike Mukula and Vice President Gilbert Bukenya were involved in sex scandals, the actor announced early this year that he was making a film based on a womanising government VIP titled The Honoruable. Auditions for the particular movie were held early last month and shooting is still going on.
However, before we even get a single glimpse on the expected-to-be controversial film The Honourable, Simwogerere has again announced he has plans of “quickly” making another movie titled The Poisoning of a Brigadier.
This comes in the wake of the death of Brig. Noble Mayombo who was “allegedly” poisoned at a public gathering.
Hmm, whatever Simwogerere is looking for, not even Rafshizzle knows.
Another kidnap?Watch this space but at least

G-TV starts June 1, DStv in big perplexity

Photo: Peter Mungoma (pix) resigned from DStv for G-TV and he says there will be just too many dishes all over Uganda just like in the photo.

Multi-choice/DStv’s monopoly will be put to an end on June 1 when a new Pay-TV company called G-TV launches in Uganda.
Real nightmares for DStv; isn’t it? You know it started with their Sales and Marketing Manager Peter Mungoma resigning on grounds that he was going for further studies.
But before they completed the puzzle of who on earth could fill Mungoma’s shoes, they were shocked on learning that actually Mungoma had teamed up with their former PRO Martin Serugga to bring a similar business to compete with DStv in Uganda.
G-TV is based in Dubai, UAE and has more than three million subscribers in UAE alone, and it also has services in more than six African nations including Egypt and Senegal.
For some good years Multi-choice has been expensively enjoying the cake alone but now that we have another one who wants to have a crack at their cake, hope this will shape new/cheaper charges for pay-TV in the country.
I mean, we can see DStv do what Celtel did when MTN and Mango opened.
Mungoma told me that G-TV will be cheaper than DStv and I just want to promise you my dear readers that I will keep you posted.

Miss Uganda on halt to respect Mayombo

IT'S TIME TO FIRST SAY GOODBYE: Beauty queens in Gulu say goodbye to the audience but this time round the contest in Fort Portal has been put on halt to first say the same words to Brig. Noble Mayombo (Below)

Not many of us could have a Miss Uganda event cancelled if we died.
But if your name is Noble Mayombo, you do…
Fort Portal beauties had started preparing themselves for the Miss Uganda contest/auditions, which was slated for this Saturday in the area, when the sad news of Brig. Noble Mayombo’s death came in early this week.
In a respectful spirit, the organisers of the beauty pageant decided to put it on halt until next week.
We are counting minutes before Mayombo is laid to rest in Fort Portal tomorrow and then Miss Uganda will be back after a week but I fear it might go a wee bit dull with an audience still having tears on their eyes.
I’m so nervous I don’t think the debate of who is most beautiful will find its way through the cliques of people discussing what killed their gallant son.
Rafshizzle will travel to Fort Portal for Miss Uganda and I will give you the picture after the do.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

British PM to stay at Emin Pasha

I REST NOW, WORK LATER: Gordon (in set) seems to be saying. This is the photo of room 18 where he could stay if voted & Uganda hosts Chogm

There’s a lot of building going on in Uganda all in the name of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Chogm) this November.
New large and mid-size hotels are opening up in the capital, Kampala, and existing hotels are adding more rooms to accommodate the expected droves. But enlarging the rooms might mean nothing because the likes of the British government have demonstrated that small is beautiful and better.
I mean, Rafshizzle can exclusively reveal to you that the British Government has booked for a whole floor on the small Emin Pasha Boutique Hotel in Nakasero to house their Prime Minister during the meeting.
By that time Britain should have voted for a new PM, who is most likely to be Gordon Brown from the retiring Tony Blair’s Labour Party.
The big man will be staying in room 18, the same one where Oscar Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker slept in while here for the premiere of The Last King of Scotland.
To some this could appear a surprise but I’m not surprised because of some good reasons---first, President Museveni has ever slept here; the hotel was also chosen venue for the African premiere of the Last King of Scotland where the cast was engaged in interviews with journalists from all over the world; Whitaker and his co-actor James McAvoy alongside the film director Kevin McDonald plus author Giles Foden have slept here.
And all producers and representatives from 20th Century Fox stayed at this hotel for several days while in Kampala, and man I also found Naava Nabagesera hiding there.
She is very pregnant but doesn’t want people to see her---perhaps the hotel offers privacy.
The previous guests could have made enough publicity for Kampala’s first boutique hotel.I think, I should shift and get near Emin Pasha Hotel in time.

Mariam Ndagire into filmmaking

PHOTO: Mariam Ndagire (in red) signs autographs for her fans in Boston last week.

I believe many of you notice that there has always been a bond between movies and music.
Hollywood stars like Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Fox, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, DMX, Whitney Houston, to mention but a few have switched from movies to music or vice versa if not doing both simultaneously.
Such a wide scope of career development is what our own singer cum drama actress Mariam Ndagire has right now.
During a phone interview with Rafshizzle today, Ndagire said she has just returned from the US where she successfully performed at different shows, “but now I’m starting on the filmmaking project.”
Mariam has announced Tuesday May 8 as the date for the auditions of the actors to feature in her film. The venue is Bat Valley Theatre and guys this could be your chance to go big on the screen because Ndagire has promised that hers will be a super film to be promoted worldwide. She is looking for actors between the age of 18 and 55. You should be able to speak both Luganda and English because the film will be in English with few Luganda lines.
However, guys you don’t have to worry about the number of people who could turn-up for the auditions because Ndagire said she has more than three films ready on script and so many people stand a chance to act in one of them.
The first film is titled Down This Road I Walk.
She said it envelops numerous topics but casts more light on the issue of young girls being forced out of schools by their parents who offer them to men for marriage.

Mesach from US with new album

I love a big comeback story.
Especially if it involves Mesach Semakula, a man many people thought he is out of the 2007 music competition. You know, even one newspaper went as far as saying that Semakula had quit music to do merchandise business.
But Semakula returned from the US yesterday at 3 p.m. and the first word he told me was, “AM back and not just back but musically strong.”
You know, up to now it is only Semakula who is yet to release a song as far as the top artistes in the country are concerned. And with the Pam awards starting soon this month, we had predicted he was out.
But the 2005 Artiste of the Year has warned those who think he is out that he is back with a new album “full of hits.”
Semakula is expected to sample two of his new songs during Haruna Mubiru’s album launch tomorrow May 4 at Hotel Equatoria.
He said that after listening to everything other artistes have churned out this year, he prepared himself and now he is ready to rumble. Some of the songs were recorded in the US and some were done from his studio Khann Studios at Calendar Rest House in Makindye. Tim Kizito (USA) and Travis Kazibwe (UG) produced the songs.
He said his songs would hit the airwaves sooner than later.
Bebe Cool has Bafudde and Kiba Kibi; Chameleone has Tebaasiga Nsigo, Tingisha, and Sivio Ndivio; Bobi Wine has Kikomando and Kiwani and Ragga Dee is in the mix with Calypso and Naiga, so what has Semakula got to throw into the contest.
Watch the space!

American Idols to help Uganda

Judge Simon Cowell (Pix)

Last night during the American Idol show on M-Net, I felt good to see a clip of the reality show’s judge Simon Cowell and show host Ryan in Kenya, featuring UNICEF’s “school in a box” education kit.
Simon Cowell is known for his overly harsh reputation but he revealed his softer side while he was with those children in Kenya talking about education. I mean, the children were impecunious and what happened to Simon could have happen to any other considerate human being on meeting them.
UNICEF’s “school in the box” is an innovative way to ensure that kids receive an education no matter what circumstances they face. The kit is essentially a portable school that can teach 80 kids, for only $183 (approximately Shs318,420).
However, Simon and Ryan’s trip was part of the “Idol Gives Back” effort where the American Idol show help raise funds to avert poverty in the U.S. and Africa.
In Kenya the stars talked about their plans to help Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya because this was an East African trip. They talked about poverty in East Africa as a whole but they mostly stressed the issue of Aids in Uganda. Uganda has for many years a giant in the fight against the pandemic and there has been no time when it has missed out on the list of the best countries in combating HIV/Aids.
Meanwhile, the previous American Idol show had footages of Simon playing with underprivileged children in Gabon. He gave them books, chalk, mathematics sets and all the school equipments would imagine.
Big celebrities, from actors to singers and tycoons have already joined the project.
And the public can be involved directly involved during the April 24-25 show. This is how it worked: for each vote sent on April 24, a donation was made to fight poverty, and on April 25 viewers phoned in their donations directly.American Idol has 35 million viewers, and to reach the target amount $50 million (approximately Shs87 billion), that’s just $1.42 (Shs2,470.8) per viewer. That is very achievable.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ouma blasts Amon again!

While on his trip to Uganda recently, boxer Kassim Ouma emphasised on his eternal/strong love for “all Ugandans” wherever he went.
“I love you all, Ugandans” became his cliché.
However, there is one gentleman (Rafshizzle is sure) Ouma can never love or at least have good words for.
From the headline you already know I’m talking about Amon Lukwago, ex-boyfriend of Ouma’s girlfriend Juliana Kanyomozi and father of her son Keron.
Juliana had earlier told Rafshizzle that Keron was starting to show interest in the sport of boxing after watching many of Ouma’s DVDs at her place. And when asked if he could train Keron as a potential future boxer, Ouma said, “no problem, the only problem is the stubborn character who calls himself his (Keron) father. Keron is my son and I love him and his mother.”
Ouma even went as far as saying he would join singing just to lambaste Amon.
“I hear Amon said he would punch me if he found me on the streets but I swear I would never respond because I’m a professional boxer who can’t just go throwing punches at people,” said Ouma, “I would instead record a song with Juliana and I attack him in the tune. I know it works.”
Looking at the photos in the gallery below there is no doubt these guys are in love and that is why they kissed on stage (in public). And on the singing issue, don’t rule out Ouma because he showed that he could sample a few tunes during the Street Jam at Club Silk last Saturday. Take a look at the photos.

Ouma dances with Juliana at Jam
STILL HAPPY: Amon smiles
Ouma sings for Juliana at Jam

Maggie Kigozi Is A Pastor Kayanja Fan

Pastor Kayanja (white suit) talks to President Museveni's son Muhoozi and wife as Roger (white tie) looks on.
HE'S GREAT: Maggie seems to be saying

Here’s a question for you guys, if you’re a top public figure, do you still get star struck by other A-listers?
Well, don’t stress yourselves guys because Uganda Investment boss Maggie Kigozi has answered that little conundrum for me.
She may be rich and well known by even the richest investors in the country but she is certainly not above the “star struck syndrome.”
Especially when it comes to Pastor Robert Kayanja.
Mama Navio demonstrated her admiration for Kayanja during the premiere of Roger Mugisha-inspired film Battle of the Souls at Didi’s World last Sunday.
Kigozi was invited to give a speech but she looked wordless and even blamed the emcee Roger Mugisha for making her speak after Kayanja has finished.
“Ouch, Oh my God (smiles), I don’t know what to say,” she stammered, “I would like to say Pastor Kayanja, I’m privileged to be here with you. Roger how could you let me speak after Pastor Kayanja.”
I want to tell you this lady was really star struck because she was even sweating in an air-conditioned cinema hall. But the wide smile on her face meant she was okay, anyway.
But I’m tempted to ask what would happen if Pastor Kayanja went to her and said he wanted to start an investment but he wanted her approval.
Someone told me that even if it was “destroying” Mabira Forest or something that frustrates Navio, she would say, “yes go Pastor and do it!”

Sheba replaces Cleo in Obsessions

Dance groups in Uganda are known for bitter break-ups and nasty feuds but sometimes, when you fall off the horse it’s best to just get straight back in the saddle.
Well, Obsessions seem to respect that and it’s probably why they have survived for such long despite numerous splits.
It has been a few days now since Cleo Koheirwe retired from dancing for the group but Obsessions have replaced her with another cutie called Sheba (in a short period---I must add).
Sheba fell out with her co-founders in the dance group Stingers before joining Obsessions.
And now I have been able to actually see her perform with the other four girls at different events including the Street Jam at Club Silk last week.
At the Jam she seemed to be doing well as she talked to the other girls and the male member/manager Ronnie Mulindwa---putting his arm around her, no more.
However, I have heard a rumour that Mulindwa’s girlfriend Sharon is unhappy with how he treats Sheba like “a queen.”
Moreover he wrote the play Queen of Sheba in 2004 that was played by the Obsessions.
Meanwhile, you can enjoy photos of Sheba with other Obsessions girls at the Street Jam, below.