Monday, June 4, 2007

Who is Straka Eastern version

The owner of this protruding paunch might not have seen her tootsies in a fair while. Snot fair…how can she bend?
Many of you must be wondering who was strutting her rounded stuff on the stage where the slim beautiful ones vying for Miss Uganda-Jinja would use.
Actually she was not a contestant.
And I’m sure your jaw will be heading south when I tell you she is not Straka Baibe…perhaps she is “Straka the Eastern Version.”
She told me in an interview recently that she used to be a regular Miss Gym bunny but ever since she deserted exercise, her fitness also deserted her. In fact, some of us might have had a poster of the one-time chart topper on our walls some years back because she used to look “okay” and the music was very “fine.”
But now her music is following the way her fashion sense took---won’t you remain alone lady?
Yes, I’m talking about you, Sylvia Kyansuti.
When you came on stage to perform during the Miss Uganda Jinja auditions, many folks from Kampala first thought it was Straka until you did your popular song Okunsunasuna.


Iwaya said...

this picture is still giving me nightmares!!!

MICHAEL said...

Man she is so Huge.

JS said...

man, give her a break

JS said...

man give her a break

Anonymous said...

all of you are fucked up. leave her the hell alone.