Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Blood in the Nigerian dressingroom?

CAPTION: Ugandans crave for Nigeria captain Kanu's autograph

The Nigerian football officials have claimed Uganda Cranes did Juju to beat them in the previous Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in Namboole.
Now, this one is quite serious…
Ester a Nigerian who lives in Uganda and a pal of Rafshizzle said the Nigerian football officials claim they found blood in the team’s dressing room at Namboole.
“It’s suspected that Ugandans sacrificed something before the game…I mean, they did voodoo,” she said.
The funny thing is that when Rafshizzle talked to the Nigerians on their arrival at Fairway Hotel two days before the game, they convinced me that voodoo can’t work in football.
“You know, all Africans have their way of communicating to God and all Africans do juju only that Nigeria has come out to showcase theirs in films,” said one of the Nigerian officials, “But juju doesn’t work in football. It only works on a nemesis but this is a game.”
Huh! Quite interesting…
The Nigerian coach has since resigned after the Nigerian Football Association (NFA) failed to pay his salary as agreed in his contract. In other words they failed to live by their words, so, should we trust all they said about juju?
Just asking!
Over to you, Nigerians…

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