Friday, June 8, 2007

Thumbs up for Juliana

Ladies and Gentlemen, join me in saying “Welcome Back” to Juliana Kanyomozi.
Wait, she is still in the US with boyfriend Ouma but the welcome is for her music recovery.
When she ‘failed’ to release an album in 2006, most people thought she would never make a credible comeback but I can assure you that she is one person who knows how to lift herself when she goes down. And very soon nobody will have the guts to point the finger at her…
Juliana has finished a couple of hot song, or should I say, songs that can make history by making her the first female artiste to win the most-coveted Artiste of the Year award at the Pam Awards come November.
However, Juliana is not into Pam awards things and so she has decided to put her album on halt…if you releases an album now, everybody would think you are targeting the Pam awards.
A few of us who have been privileged to listen to her yet-to-be-released songs can tell you that the songs are real hot, I mean HOT. The songs make you proud for being still alive to listen to harmonious creatures. I can remember titles like Nsanyuse and Wesigame Kunze featuring Mesach Semakula.
Rhythmically and melodically beautiful is the only way I can sum-up Juliana’s songs I listened to.
Watch the space!


MICHAEL said...

Big ups to Steve Jean and song writer Oscar.I was able to listen to the lyrics and I guess she is someone to watch dis Yr.

kizito said...

I can't wait another day. Juliana should atleast release one to cool our thirst. Man, so far the girls are not doing any serious music. Kanyomozi's silence is so loud!!