Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ex-minister Mukula shows character

You can doubt him on issues like money but trust me, you can always count on Mike Mukula to cheer a football team and it wins.
As Uganda Cranes played Nigeria last Saturday, Mukula led a group of supporters in the ordinary class---commonly known as Kirashia---to cheer on the team as we beat Nigeria 2-1 in Namboole. I was also in Kirashia.
Of course every (?) Uganda who went there wanted Cranes to win but I was so impressed by Mukula’s decision to “waste” his VIP ticket and decided to sit with the ordinary fans who, at times, went unruly. This is the area where the biggest cheers that motivate the players come from though sometimes the occupiers become disorderly.
Can you imagine when the second goal went in, the lads behind us threw a water-bottle filled with hot urine and it splashed onto our clothes and faces.
But such things couldn’t stop from cheering until the game ended.
But anyway, those things happen even in Luzira…
Sorry, let me end here!

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