Friday, June 8, 2007

2 Face to join Angelina Jolie as UN ambassador

Nigerian Pop sensation 2 Face Idibia would soon be announced a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations’ new World Food Programme, says AllAfrica news.
Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is a UN ambassador and she has been an example that with power comes great responsibility.
So, under the new title the African Queen singer will be required to participate in UN sponsored charity events across the world, especially Africa, as well as support initiatives related to his portfolio.
The Idibia camp is still hushed about the singer’s pending ambassadorship.
2 Face’s manager Joice Ize-Iyamu told AllAfrica: “I really can’t say anything about that yet, yes, there have been discussions, but we are yet to get a letter. We’ll definitely call a press conference if anything of such happens.”
2 Face, a 31 year old father-of-two is one of the most respected artistes in Africa for several different reasons including his discipline.
And now he is set to add another achievement to his CV for his positive image in the public…
But then it makes me wonder why the Chameleones, Bobi Wines, Bebe Cools and so forth of this world cannot become UN ambassadors.
But I also get the answer for myself that, it is until they stop fighting and focus on their music careers.
Here you are recruited to work with the UN to fight different causes across the African continent and not against fellow artistes.


MICHAEL said...
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MICHAEL said...

Man these Guys can make U so sick.Infact I dont think any of them can ever make it to that level.
Guy Yakuba Ka Tune Kamu.But it was so hot that he is still one of Africa's most wanted.Guys like Bebe cool,have got hits which can make that big and even become UN Ambassadors but they are ever in wrangles and fights wherever they happen to meet.
They shd emulate him(2Face) oir even the likes of Orlando and Ragga Dee.These 2 Gentlemen (Ragga Dee and Orlando) are very discplined Guys.