Friday, June 8, 2007

Did Capital recall Mwalimu?

Call me a paparazzi mite if you want but I always want to know better and I’m just driven mad by people who tell journalists lies…yes, most of the times the lies in papers are things we could avoid but anyhow we are blameless since we are quoting sources who lie to us.
For instance in today’s Daily Monitor in the section 24-Seven of It’s Friday pullout---how in the heavens could John Mwalimu say that Capital FM recalled him from Red Sky to take up again as the station’s Sales Manager---that because the station’s sales rates were declining.
Yes he is back at Capital but why did he leave out the truth that he re-applied for the Capital job a few weeks ago after he was sacked by Scan Ad, an advertising company that bought Red Sky where he was the Managing Director. Scan Ad bought Red Sky adverting company after it failed to run business in Uganda. So, Scan Ad decided to lay-off all the staff of the defunct Red Sky including the MD Mwalimu and he has been jobless for some time.
As he stayed home, I think he remembered that he was still loved at Capital and he decided to give the Capital bosses a call. Good enough he got his job back.
And it was a great technique to say he has been recalled to Capital but he lost it when he said from Capital to Red Sky because it makes me wonder which Red Sky…
What a blunder, eh?

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Iwaya said...

are you the duped reporter? you sound like you are...