Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ken Love’s Dirty love!

CAPTION: Ken Love and his girlfriend go dirty in Club Silk

While it is lovely to see young lovers happy together, it is not so lovely to see them flaunting their love on the streets or in the nightclubs.
Jealousy? It depends…
Well, I too could be far from prudish, but there are just some things I don’t want to see.
And Radio One presenter Ken Love getting down and dirty with his girlfriend on the streets is one of them. I found the couple getting extra intimate at City Square and everybody was stunned by their antics.
Actually, whenever I am in the club, I see the two doing some “dirty stuff” and I try to shut but what I saw at City Square has released my lips’ zip.
It is the sort of behaviour you’d expect from some lovestruck teenagers...
Not from a 25 plus woman and man. So, while I am very pleased Ken Love is still finding happiness with his woman, I would appreciate a little restraint.
Next time kids, get a room.

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nakayiwa said...

hi, ok, you were kind of spot on about ken and "his gal"but pse also go ahead and tell the other truth that she dumped ken and do stop using her picture to refer to her as his gal friend. thanks alot.