Wednesday, June 6, 2007

War of the nightclubs!

CAPTION: The Club Cascades interior

Kampala partygoers are set to witness another dirty rivalry this Friday.
This time round it is not a rivalry amongst artistes but between two nightclubs that share the same plaza. Actually their entrances are separated by just a pillar.
I’m talking about Club Rouge and the new Club Cascades, both located on Plaza Cinema building on Kampala Road.
Rafshizzle can reveal to you that both clubs are having their launches on Friday and they are set to fight for customers.
Rouge has been around for some time but it closed shop some weeks ago and now it’s ready to re-open, however, Cascades is a new business and a sister hangout to Spot After in Ntinda.
When I talked to Aloys who owns Club Cascades he told me he had initially announced to launch his on June 1 when the Rouge management sabotaged him and they also announced the same date for their re-opening.
“I consequently moved my launch to the next weekend (June 8) but now I’m shocked that they have also moved it to a similar weekend,” said Aloys, “I wanted a fair play but now that they have decided to go that way, I’m not going to accept such interference. We shall see who wins the battle.”
Club Rouge management has promised to overshine Cascades on the night by bringing in superstar Shaggy to perform this Friday. However, I don’t know how true the Shaggy thing is…
Club Cascades kicks off their business stint tonight with a bash to be headlined by Obsessions.
Watch the space for whatever will happen that night…

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