Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kafeero was a womaniser_Mwana W’omuzungu

You can always count on Rafshizzle to expose your love affairs - whether you want me to or not. And now I present to you Dr. Kathryn Barret-Gaines commonly known as Omwana W’omuzungu who talked to me about her relationship with fallen star Paul Job Kafeero (RIP).
Barret-Gaines is an Assistant Professor of History/Director of African and African American Studies in the department of Social Sciences at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and we talked on Friday through E-mail. Don’t ask me how I got her email…
Barret told me that her relationship with the kadongo kamu icon was genuine until he refused his other wives. In other words they had separated at the time of his death.
“I think you all know that Kafeero was a man of many wives and although I was deep in love with him and wanted to be his wife, we had to separate after he couldn’t drop his other wives,” she said, “I believe in the one-woman man thing but I realised that that is almost impossible in Uganda.”
Kafeero had given Barret-Gaines his house in Kajjansi but she said she wouldn’t take it.
“I was born in the wealthiest country (America) and it’s where I live and work from, so I can’t find any reason to claim property in Africa,” she said, “I would like to see his (Kafeero) children stay in control of his assets.”
There have been media reports of an escalating battle amongst Kafeero’s protégés.
But Omwana W’omuzungu said: “Of course there was some fear immediately after his (Kafeero) burial but now everybody is calm because his will is clear,” she said, “The alleged clash amongst Kafeero’s family is false. We have set up a committee to recover and oversee his property and life has returned to normal.”
Barret is also a member on the committee to oversee Kafeero’s business.
“You know, I’m a researcher and so I’m trying to find out how we can continue Kafeero’s pedigree,” she said.Hope the relationship was not part of the research…over to you Barret!

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