Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sarah Zawedde wants to act!

She is already a queen on the singing scene after the release of her chartbuster Kambere Nawe.
So, does Sarah Zawedde want to rule the big screen, too?
Well, maybe not rule but Zawedde has told Rafshizzle that she is sifting through scripts to find her first acting role.
And I’m aware that she has since landed a big role in Mariam Ndagire’s upcoming movie titled Down This Road I Walk.
Rafshizzle spotted Zawedde at Ndagire’s auditions at Bat Valley Theatre on May 8 and when contacted, Ndagire told me Zawedde had passed the interview.
Hmm, if Zawedde picks anything with the word Kambere Nawe in one of the scenes, at least she will have a song to go with it...

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