Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Why is Straka crying again?

I once told you that Straka’s lifestyle is as erratic as her fashion sense and now I return with yet another bad news from the quarters of the WBS TV presenter.
Straka has been evicted from the second house in a period of just two months!
Almost impossible to believe but Straka was forced out of a house in Kiwatule for failing to pay rent for six months. Thus she shifted to Kireka where she deceived her new landlord that she had spent a lot of money on settling the Kiwatule matters so she needed a few weeks before paying her first rent.
A source told me that the Kireka landlord gave Straka two weeks to pay three months of rent (as it is the norm if you are just entering the house) but Straka couldn’t pay even after a month elapsed. The source said that the landlord was willing to negotiate with Straka but he was annoyed when she started hiding from him.
“One morning (last week), Straka was leaving home for work when she spotted the landlord and she returned to the house to dodge him,” said the source, “But unfortunately the landlord had seen her and he decided to bring a new padlock and locked her from inside the house.”
Left with no option, Straka called some of his friends who fundraised for her Shs347,000.
The landlord accepted the money and freed her but he cautioned her never to go for “expensive houses you cannot manage.”
Umm, Mr Landlord, I think you just peeped into Rafshizzle’s mind…I mean, Straka, it’s not wise for a millionaire to spend like a billionaire.


MICHAEL said...

Where does she put all da Money.

irene said...

Im ashamed!!