Saturday, June 23, 2007

GTV on air on June 29

CAPTION: (L to R) Richard Scudamore, CEO Barclay's Premier League and Julian McIntyre, President of GTV.
Forget coffee... or tea for that matter.
There’s nothing like the jolt of a hot new pay-TV to kick-start our day.
Especially when it goes for as low as Shs70,000 per month and or Shs45,000 monthly subscription.
It is the highly-anticipated GTV! The 20-channel service was launched yesterday and owners promised a great treatment to their customers.
The Commercial Director Rhys Torrington said the services would go live on June 29 in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.
The founder and President of GTV Mr Julian McIntyre said that the launch in East Africa follows a major deal the company signed to carry 80 per cent of Barclays Premier League football matches exclusively in the local market.
“At GTV, we are passionate about football and we believe in the power of TV to help develop the game in Africa,” he said.
GTV is banking on the exclusive Premiership rights to gain market-share on DStv that has been in the market for longer.
They have two packages: the G-Base (Shs45,000) and G-Plus (Shs70,000). G-Base has G-Prime, God Channel, BBC World, SkyNews, Al-Jazeera (best news), MTV Base, Kiss, Nickelodeon (best cartoons) and E! plus two additional channels to be revealed soon.
However, G-Plus offers the full bouquet of G-Base, plus three sports channels: G-sports 1, G-sports 2 and Fox Sports Africa.
Dishes and decoders are at Shs350,000 until August 31 when it will return to the standard price Shs400,000.
DStv is better in films, series, documentaries and reality shows, and GTV is better in sports, however, don’t go comparing them just yet, we have to first watch GTV and then we can have a final assessment…I have a DStv and now I got a GTV decoder so you can wait to hear from me in case you don’t (?) want to have both…


Savage said...

GTV should pray there aren't many Ugandans like me, because besides E!, I don't see any reason to subscribe to them and ain't no way I am subscribing for one channel.

jerome said...

i thought u guys were hot but u r not get better channels and more sports channels the premiership is not everything and how will u show two matches simultaneously? ha improve or else people wont like u. jerome