Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Uncle Mich for another Deal or No Deal?

When Dr. Uncle Mich Egwang resigned from KFM, many people started saying that he had got himself in a pickle.
But had he?
He would have thousands of African TV viewers to answer that…
Meanwhile, at this rate we are soon calling him Super Mich.
Yes, I can exclusively reveal to you that the Multi-choice bosses in South Africa are considering to employ Mich again to host the new Deal or No Deal, Nigerian version that starts soon.
A source told me that the Multi-choice team has been looking for a Nigerian who can host the show as good as Mich who hosts the Eastern African version but in vain.
“They would like someone from Nigeria who can easily communicate with the participants but they have failed to get any who is talented as Mich,” the source said, “So, they are left with only one option, to use Mich.”
Mich hosts the Deal or No Deal East Africa and he has managed to make the new game-show one of the must-watch shows on DStv.
And the source told me that one of the Multi-choice bosses said, “I really love Mich’s style and sense of humour so if I’m to go for a second-rate host just because he belongs to the place of the show, I feel a bit conned. Mich should host both, in any case, it’s done in English.”


kizito said...

Uncle Mich will surely go places. Just enough talent to do that. By the way, I seem to have lots in common with him; Ngonian, Vet (still student). Don't ask about fame!

stevenwaka said...

Go uncle.we need u.we are proud of you.you are made of what we all need in a perfect audio visual like you.we love hearing you uncle,we love watching you do your charm.you press glue to our seats and our stare fixed to the screen with no illusions.perfect vision.WE LOVE YOU UNCLE.GO UNCLE.

Olowo Simon said...

Mitch, right from way back of kfm you used to be one of my best presenters.