Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sharon out, Sheba in, vice-versa!

You can rule out Kombat dancers or the G-Force.
And Stingers, for that matter.
So, just which other dance group in Uganda rides on in-house conflicts?
The Obsessions!
I remember to tell you that Sheba’s coming to Obsessions didn’t impress old member and manager Ronnie Mulindwa’s girlfriend Sharon (check in achieves after the 2007 Street Jam)…
Yes, even if the group’s director Remmy Lubega has since come out to say they don’t have “conflicts and will never split”, Rafshizzle can categorically prove there is a terrible conflict between new recruit Sheba and Sharon.
A source told me that Sharon has ordered for the sacking of Sheba from the group but Remmy has resisted saying that they can’t lose a talented dancer like Sheba because some funny reasons.
Remember: I told you Mulindwa is one of the guys who love Sheba’s company, nothing more…yeah! He just wrote a play “Queen of Sheba” and nothing more! Have you valued my statement, guys?
Well, back to business; now Sharon has vowed never to perform alongside Sheba and Rafshizzle has witnessed five of Obsessions’ performances where this has been put in practice.
Hope you guys too have realised that when Sheba is with Obsessions, Sharon is absent and or vice-versa.
When Sheba performed at Club Cascades, Sharon refused to perform and they argued with Remmy for some minutes although when I tried to inquire, Remmy told me she didn’t feature because she was sick.
I was silenced by Remmy until I realised that at Ekitoobero (last Sunday), Sharon performed but without Sheba two days after Cascades launch---it was a short illness. And then at Bobi Wine’s Kiwani launch yesterday, Sheba was a no-show as Sharon enjoyed it with the other Obsessions girls---maybe it’s Sheba who is sick now?
But, as I’m sure you can imagine, the truth always raises it head out.
Just check out the photos.

HAPPY ARE THE GONE DAYS: Sharon back in the day (Monitor foto)

IMCOMPLETE: Obsessions without Sharon. Sheba (second left) at Club Cascades. (Foto by Bruno)

WHERE IS SHARON: Obsessions pose for a photo before performing at Cascades last week (Bruno)


kizito said...

They sing marvellous love tunes. Is love tearing them apart? God forbid!

bryan said...

they people who will never change,like shaba.history repearts it's self.distorying people's love life is de only thing she good at.look into her backgrand.