Friday, June 8, 2007

Who is the culprit?

Sometimes it’s hard to live with people who backbite you and most especially when they want to steal your man.
Actually many music groups in Uganda have fallen for the same reason.
But well, Jackie Chandiru of Blu*3 seems to have found a brilliant solution for such a situation...
Instead of parting ways with her music mates Lillian and Cindy, Jackie has decided to set up a committee of inquiry into the case of one of them being involved in a plot to steal her man.
A source told me that he was called by a furious Jackie who promised to pay big to whoever tells her who is peddling information about her relationship.
A certain tabloid wrote last week that Jackie was seeing some guy who lives in Uganda yet her boyfriend and likely fiancé lives in the US.
So, Jackie thinks someone in the group must be using the media to spread the rumours as a plot to separate her from her boyfriend.
“She told me she is paying heavily to whoever leads her to the source of the rumour,” said the source, “The guy in the US is furious that she is cheating on him.”
I am aware that Jackie’s boyfriend even sent her a heartbreaking SMS early this week after reading the story and she fears her relationship could end.
Huh, at this stage, Jackie needs prayers…

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