Monday, June 11, 2007

More drama as Charlie, Elvis enter Cascades

CAPTION: Cascades owner Aloys happy during the club launch. Left is Radio One's RS Elvis who's also Aloys friend.

At this stage, it has got the making of a great film...
Club Cascades opened last Friday to a full house - with a twist.
Its music overpowered Club Rouge’s and several people entered Cascades even when they had come for Rouge. But Rouge’s Alibhai couldn’t walk away with the screaming and cheers from Cascades and so he asked one DJ called Henry to bring him more powerful speakers. Alibhai had also planned to use Bebe Cool and Blu*3 to perform but he needed a hand of another bigshot Chameleone to try overpower Cascades but it backfired after Bebe abandoned the show saying he couldn’t share the same stage with Chameleone. Doing all that---Cascades’ Aloys was relaxed with his Obsessions, Qute Kaye and Phina Mugerwa doing him a good job as the audience went wild.
And the other interesting thing was when Club Silk’s Elvis and Ange Noir’s Charlie Lubega entered Cascades.
Charlie looked relaxed as he entered at around 11:20 p.m. but Elvis was not impressed at all after realising that the DJ playing the good music at the place was his own DJ Bobby.
Actually, Elvis refused Bobby to enter his club later in the night as the later was to play at Silk after 2 a.m.
A source told me that Elvis was furious and sacked Bobby but he pardoned him after 24 hours when Bobby said he was on “kyeyo” for just one day. Actually Bobby returned at Silk on Saturday.
The funny thing is that Cascades is not better equipped than Silk and Ange but the fact that it is located in a convenient place---the city centre---is an advantage.


Iwaya said...

drama indeed! how come this never makes it to the papers???

Raf said...

Man its behind the curtains stuff,you need to snope for it

Raf said...

@iwaya; you know I pulled out of newspaper gossip for some reasons I can't say here but I vowed to continue serving my readers on the web.
Trust me, I have all da gossip you guys need and you just make me proud of my writing with your comments.
Thanks very much