Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Juliana admits being arrogant

There is no denying Juliana has a fair bit of arrogance.
But it sounds nice to hear her admit, “I was arrogant/proud but now I have grown up and thrown it away.”
In fact, she has sung about her arrogance in her new gospel song Kanyimbe.
Just like I told you, Juliana has a hot new album and has released the first single off the album, and the song is already taking airwaves by storm.
In the song Juliana asks for God’s protection from her enemies and also asks that God keep her head free from arrogance.
And she told Rafshizzle, the song is based on her life experience---including the arrogance issue.
Do you disagree? Remember when she snubbed Hope Mukasa’s concert simply because ex-mate Iryn Namubiru was to feature and yet we all know what Mukasa did for her career development.
Well, go Juliana. Rafshizzle tips the song to become one of the best in the country this year.
Trust Juliana when it comes to singing real life experience, so emotional and rhythmical.
I give her a big’s good to change for better.


Savage said...

wow. she is looking gooood

Iwaya said...

evidently she is not pregnant like we were being led to believe. if that is a recent photo to go by. you're doing real good work here, Raf!

kizito said...

You know what I first read? It was "Juliana admits being pregnant".

Raf said...

@iwaya; Yes, it's a three-day-old photo.
Thank you

val said...

I listened to 'Kanyimbe' this morning and i had a big grin on my face. JK has learnt the hard way really! She has been brought to shape.
Val Kalende