Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scribe Sebidde becomes a father

Word is the New Vision popular journalist Sebidde Kiryowa has become a father after his girlfriend gave birth to a bouncing baby girl last week. For those that don’t know him well, Sebidde is the guy who does the gossip pages of New Vision beside Timothy Bukumunhe.
It seems as if Sebidde has been trying to keep the big news on the hush hush but as usual Rafshizzle’s roving eye gets you from everywhere.
Sebidde it didn’t work, if Rafshizzle knows... so does the rest of the world---even those in the Diaspora read this!

1 comment:

Iwaya said...

and you Raf, when are you gracing the world with your own bundle of joy?

I should pen my congratulations to Sebbz meanwhile!