Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ferdinand joins Dr. Besigye, Gaetano

Okay, let me level with you here: I’m not saying that Manchester United and England defender Ferdinand has joined Dr. Besigye’s FDC but he is actually one of the few people (including Besigye and Gaetano) to have gotten such a massive reception.
A mammoth of Man U fans thronged Entebbe Airport to receive Ferdinand who is here on a three-day visit to fundraise for Mujib Kasule’s Pro-Line Soccer Academy.
There was drama at the Entebbe airport as journalists tried to get up close with the world’s most expensive defender.Firstly, President Museveni was also returning from Germany and the whole airport was full of soldiers here and there, with some roads closed as an army chopper toured the skies.

Ferdinand arrived at around 7:45 a.m. aboard British Airways but he spent more than 40 minutes in the VIP lounge before checking out. He told Mujib to call journalists and they ask him a few questions from the lounge but police couldn’t risk because even HE the President was at the same place. First to get out was his film crew, which is to document the progress for different news outlets. BBC, Sky Sports and Man U TV crews were also present.
Eventually, Ferdinand himself walked to the journalists who were stat-struck and managed to ask him only one question.
Actually, I was also present but don’t blame me for not asking because I thought my question would be irrelevant: you know, I wanted to know how he felt after scoring an own goal during the Man U Vs Portsmouth game where Chelsea was chasing them for the title in previous season.
Anyways, crowds gathered around roads from Entebbe to Kampala to welcome the world’s most expensive defender who was travelling in a Lexus open-roof.
Whenever he waved, the crowds including those wearing Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool jerseys went crazy.
He was putting on a white shirt and pair of jeans with police shades and he kept smiling as people struggled to pass the PGB and get near him.
Juma Seiko led the PGB crew and he stood in the car window up to Kampala.
Some people ran from Entebbe to Kampala and others travelled in the trunks of cars.
A traffic police vehicle paved way for Ferdinand’s convoy from Entebbe to Serena. The convoy first reached the Old Taxi Park before returning to Entebbe Road and up to Serena through Kampala Road as the whole town was on standstill.

While in Uganda, the footballer of mixed St Lucian and Anglo-Irish descent will attend a fundraise dinner at Serena tonight before meeting President Museveni at Sate House later in the night.
Tomorrow, Ferdinand will play in a charity football march before winding up the day in Ange Mystique where a ticket will cost Shs50,000. He will go back on Monday.


Iwaya said...

kale I missed that drama!

Iwaya said...

you were tongue-tied by his charisma or what?

Raf said...

@iwaya; Munange, I was still thinking whether to ask or not when his crew leader said "let's go they've runout of questions..."

eddiie said...

IWAYA...Munange you are not alone..i heard an exam to attend too the entire weekend plus the monday the guy was going back..

Never mind Thomas Mlambo,Idah Peterside,Kalushia Bwalyia,Eddie Lewis and may be..quote me right and may be ALDRINE NSUBUGA? will give me more updates of this guy on SS3.....