Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Allan “the cantankerous” Mugisha dies

Extremely sad and devastating news has hit Rafshizzle desk this morning!
Allan Mugisha “the cantankerous”, one of Uganda’s most talented/humorous radio personalities ever has passed away.
According to his friend and former workmate at Capital FM, Roger Mugisha, Cantankerous’s mother has confirmed that her son breathed his final yesterday night after he was rushed to Nsambya Hospital with breathing difficulties.
Rafshizzle met Cantankerous yesterday at Monitor Publications Limited (MPL) offices in Namuwongo where he (Cantankerous) had come to pursue his NSSF benefits from his former employers. He worked with MPL’s 93.3 KFM for two years before he was sacked following his clash with one of the top bosses.
The first time we met was on Monday at the Monitor reception but he had to return on Tuesday after he failed to see Ms Martha Elimu, the Monitor Human Resource because she was in a tense meeting with other top bosses.
And yesterday (Tuesday) we met again.
Yesterday he told me he was feeling too weak and broken so he wanted the NSSF money sooner than later so as he goes for treatment. Good, he managed to meet Ms Elimu though I can’t know the results of their meeting.
All I could hear next was his death that very evening.
He has been on and off the bed for some good months.
He was in a critical condition in March before doctors at Nsambya Hospital operated his lungs and he was discharged in April.
In March, it was impossible to imagine seeing him back but with God’s power he did and on Monday he told me he had walked from town to Namuwongo. But yesterday was when God decided to close his chapter.
What I can’t forget is the question Cantankerous asked Roger while he was on bed at Nsambya: “What is the meaning of life…?”That question brought tears in everybody’s eyes and now I wonder what we have got to do with this life.
Well, live it well and always trust and believe in your God!


Iwaya said...

the passing of a legend. let no less be said. he was frail, he was human, but he was also a giant among men.

Aoko (Pea) said...

Oh, no!!!! I just read about this on the Monitor... How sad. And it's so weird, I blogged about life and days and etc. RIP

Klara said...

My prayers & Condolences..

mark said...

thats touching enough especially the question he asked,may he rest in enternal peace

mark said...

thats touching enough especially the question he asked,may he rest in enternal peace