Friday, June 15, 2007

Bobi Wine in Kiwani trouble!

He is the reigning Artiste of the Year and people still love him…
But why is Bobi Wine sweating and looks upset these days, moreover he is launching his chartbuster album Kiwani at Hotel Africana tonight?
Well, all is not good for Bobi Wine after a nascent artiste called Dangerous Ken claimed the ownership of the popular Kiwani song.
The alleged saga goes something like this...
Bobi Wine sees Ken doing the song Kiwani on stage at a pub in Kireka where he (Ken) was one of his curtain-raisers. The audience goes wild for the song and throws cash notes to Ken, so Bobi is moved.
Bobi Wine (reportedly) connives with Beat FM presenter Mukunja who asks Ken to give him the CD with promise he would play it on air.
Instead Bobi goes with the CD and he redoes the song with totally a different instrumentation but retaining over three-quarters of the original wording.
Ken hears the song playing on radios and is quoted as telling one tabloid: “Bobi Wine stole my song, I gave the CD to Mukunja who was the emcee and he promised to play it for me on Beat FM…”
So the boy is not happy, he goes to Kamwokya to see Bobi Wine but he is tortured at the Firebase Crew and leaves in agony. So, he decides to get a lawyer. The first lawyer betrays Ken after meeting Bobi and gets kintu-kidogo from him. The lawyer tells Ken to give-in because Bobi is bigger than him. But Ken moves on and gets another lawyer.

Jump to the present: The second lawyer and Ken met Bobi Wine on Wednesday (June 13) at Radio Simba in Bukoto where Ken was set to go for a live radio interview and announce a formal disruption of Bobi Wine’s Kiwani launch---until the song rights are cleared.
But Bobi asked to settle the matter in compromise without stopping his launch. The lawyer asked for Shs7 million to put the case on halt until the launch is finished.
So, the verdict?
Watch this space.


Savage said...

Guess being a star is not all a bed of roses. The pressure to keep up is too enormous.

Iwaya said...

you're breaking my heart, if this is true! Please get to the bottom of it. i'm tired of these traded accusations that are never resolved.

kizito said...

I have always maintained, the best musicians in our country are unknown.
If ken is really that talented, he will release another good hit.

I pray this all goes well for both

eddiie said...


kizito said...

In the song Kiwaanyi, Bobi says the song Mbada was a Kiwaanyi.
Perhaps in his next song a line will go " Kiwaanyi kyaali kiwaanyi"!

irene said...

Ha ha ha,indeed kizito is right!1,hell say that!!irene from canada