Monday, June 4, 2007

Girls sneak into Cranes players’ rooms

After the Nigerian game, the Uganda Cranes players needed lots of appreciation for everything they did in beating Nigeria 2-1…
And luckily, they got it from more than one source.
Not only their families and us the football fans looked out for them, but a clique of city cuties also did their bit.
Just after the game, the players were driven to Jokers Hotel in Bweyogerere but before even their mini-bus could park, the girls came from nowhere and swarmed around them.
I first thought the girls were just happy for the win but I then realising that they looked like “chicks on a mission.”
I left them hugging the players but I later called a friend who told me the girls disappeared as soon as the players entered their rooms.
So, I went for some statistics: the girls were as equal as the players in numbers; they were too beautiful for any young man to resist and most of all, the lads had spent over a week without seeing their girlfriends just to keep their fitness.
Don’t you think two weeks was enough time for the “desire to grow?”
And it looked like the two stars (Obua and Sekagya) were the most sought-after. I remember a lady asking us if the pair was at their hotel, when we visited them a day before the game.
Well, go Cranes, on and off the pitch---but remember to keep your shin-guards on throughout!
Also don’t forget we have a “war” with Lesotho on June 17.

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MICHAEL said...

I guess the Babes shd have been these Guys' Babes.And Man imagine all that long without having it.
Raff even if it was Ya.