Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Akon, Fat Joe or Buster?

Disclaimer: this is not kiwani in anyway!
Rafshizzle can categorically announce that at the beginning of September this year we shall have a big artiste from Hollywood to perform in Kampala.
The only dilemma is till on which one to bring because we have three names on the line-up and we have a lot of things to consider before hiring one.
Akon is ready to stage a show in Kampala on September 8 as long as he is paid $130,000

and Fat Joe wants $80,000 for a similar show

however, Buster Rhymes wants $100,000.

Tanzanian tycoon Joseph Kusaga is in touch with Rafshizzle over the artistes’ deals because he also wants one of them to perform at his annual Tanzania Fiesta slated for September 8 in Dar es Salaam.
Meanwhile, I have talked to Akon’s agent and friend in Tanzania, Mr James Kinsey and he told he can convince Akon to perform at $100,000 but after he (Kinsey) also gets his share. The talks with Akon are more advanced since I have even managed to talk to Akon himself and his manager. Akon told me he was performing at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine California at the time I called him and that he would consider performing in Uganda in September because that is when he will be leaving England where he is set to perform alongside Mika, Natasha Beddingfield and the likes.
Buster is confirming today, however, Fat Joe is ready.
I don’t want to give more details but it’s quite promising, just watch this space because I will be flying to Tanzania to meet Kusaga and we finalise the deal!
In the meantime, I welcome your opinions on this: who do you think is better for Uganda and why? Thanks.

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