Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rasta Rob sings again

It was a happy childhood for most of us as we enjoyed the nursery rhymes of Rasta Rob MC back in the days.

And now we’re happy to announce that Rasta Rob has made a musical return – we’re just unsure how effective will this venture be for him.

Anyways, Rasta Rob, whose real name is Robert Ogwal, has teamed up with promising songwriter cum singer Dennis Rackla on a new single titled Safiina. The song was recorded at Rackla’s Nansana-based studio Neat Studio. They both co-wrote the song which is about an old man (Rasta Rob) bickering with a young boy (Rackla) over a girl.

Rasta has been upbeat about the song calling it his “musical comeback.”

He has even promised to do a complete album before the end of this year.

“This new song is the turning point for my music career,” he said, “I want to release more songs and several albums.”

The song has started playing on Super FM where Rasta Rob is a presenter in the evening and it’s also played in the nightclubs.


Liz said...

haaah...nggga I am skeptical!!
Ewenay...we shall see!!

Xena said...

I am so excited about his return especially for the radio industry, his got the touch just like RS Elvis. All the best mate