Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Juliana’s sister Kahunde into movies

CAPTION: Laura Kahunde (middle) on the movie scene with Mujuuka (right) and another actress.

Juliana Kanyomozi’s young sister Laura Kahunde is steadily following in her big sister’s footsteps.
When Juliana shone on the music scene, Kahunde started singing and now she acts as the back up for the 2008 Pam award Artiste of the Year. And following Juliana’s shot at acting in Kiwani: The Movie, Kahunde has also hit the film radar.
She is one of the main characters in Mariam Ndagire’s latest film Hearts; In Peaces.
In the movie, Kintu (Patricko Mujuuka), a poor hunter in Budondo Kingdom is working day and night to get dowry so he can marry the love of his life, Nandudu (Laura Kahunde); but when the two lovebirds find the crown Princess (Brenda Nanyonjo) deep in a forest, trapped in a hole with a broken leg, the King (Abbey Mukiibi) offers them jobs in the palace.
They are then entangled in a viscous love triangle because everyone in the palace believes they are brother and sister. Different men, in the palace, fantasize Nandudu as it’s the case with Kintu.
Will Kintu find the guts to convince the crown Princess, who has declared her undying desire for him that his heart belongs to Nandudu?
The movie will finish shooting this Friday and the production team will get busy until October when it will premiere in Kampala.
We’ll keep you posted, though, about this film!


masesa said...

dats wonderful following in her sister's footsteps, go kahunde n mek it big lyk juliana has done.

abaho said...

well, it sounds interesting following da right track n it will be of no if she meks it even bigger than juliana, i love it dat way.

Andrew said...

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