Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Funeral plans for Jade Goody are now underway

CAPTIONS: Jade and her bridesmaids putting on caps as a sign of solidarity; the star lost her hair and had to put on a cap 24/7. LEFT is Shilpa, who said: "I am deeply saddened, but I am glad Jade is out of pain and that she died peacefully with her family around her."

Her mother Jackiey and husband Jack Tweed apparently spent yesterday planning the "perfect send-off".
The reality TV star, who was terminally ill with cancer, passed away in the early hours of Sunday, after her brave battle with the disease.
The date for the funeral has been set for Saturday 4th of April, with thousands of mourners expected to attend.
It will be held at St. John The Baptist church in Buckhurst, Essex with the surrounding roads being closed off as Jade's coffin is driven through the streets in a hearse.
Police are said to have been drafted for the occasion in order to control the massive crowds expected.
Jade's publicist Max Clifford said that the service will be broadcast on large screens to the many mourners outside of the church, which is expected to be over capacity.
The service will be led by Rev Corinne Brixton who also conducted the baptism of Jade, and her two sons Bobby, five, and Freddie, four, shortly before she died.
"It will be a celebration, but of course there will be a lot of tears," Max told the Daily Mirror.
"In a church it will be friends, family and loved ones, and lots of people will hear it relayed outside."
Meanwhile, it has been reported that Jack's terrified that he may miss his wife's funeral.
He's due to be sentenced this Thursday after he was convicted of drunkenly attacking a taxi driver, and if a Magistrate chooses to sentence him on the day, there's a strong chance he could miss the service.
His lawyers are now expected to apply to the hearing for funeral leave.

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