Monday, April 13, 2009

Miss Makerere won what?

Controversy in beauty pageants in Uganda is almost more famous than the beauty queens themselves.
And it seems like that situation is just expanding even more as far as news from the Miss Makerere camp is concerned.
Our Sherlocks tells us that the pageant’s winner, Winnie Nantumbwe and the two runners-up Sandra Nakanja and Peris Wanjiku haven't gotten the prizes they were promised by the organisers.
Nantumbwe was supposed to drive home, from the venue, in a brand new Toyota Premio but left the venue without her prize.
The organisers gave the excuse that they were still clearing a few things and would give the girls their prizes in 48 hours but it never came to pass until the third week after the pageant had taken place - moreover with not exactly the promised prizes.
Besides the Premio, Nantumbwe was also supposed to get a computer plus free salon sessions plus a holiday visit to Kalangala Islands. First runner-up Nakanja and second runner-up Wanjiku would both get a trip to Mombasa plus a computer each.
When Rafshizzle contacted her, Nantumbwe was quite reluctant to speak and said: “I would prefer having my lips shut on this. But of course they’ve not given us the prizes they promised us. They’ve been postponing the date of prize-giving until this week when they called us and gave us some old stuff. They gave me an old laptop pentium 3, it even has a provisional for a floppy. I can't use it! Then Sandra was given an outdated PC and it refused to work, the mouse on it is very old. Peris got a 14-inch TV with no receipt to show that it's new. They said they can't give me a car because I might sell it - that they will give me free tuition for a year due next year and I'm hoping that it comes to pass.”
Umm, as usual - beauty pageants tipping us over the edge!


limp said...

that's Uganda for you...TIA

Critic said...

Raf im also tired of these Beauty Pageants. they have lost Meaning. Sum one should sue these chaps for taking advantage of these cute girls, this applies to Miss Ug contests to, these events are becoming shady, i wonder why corporate companies put dime on shady events.