Monday, June 1, 2009

That Zuena was caught kissing with Mowzey...

CAPTION: What games are Bebe and Zuena playing?

It’s something that gets your tummy twirling…a blockbuster gossip story, you know!
But please allow us to first throw a disclaimer that this is just a rumour that a KFM listener gave us this morning.
The listener called and said he saw Zuena Kirema cuddle and kiss with Mowzey Radio - during “a steamy night at Botanical Beach Hotel in Entebbe over the weekend.”
The caller said that Zuena got hammered on some influential drinks before smooching with the man who sang about her in the song titled her name.
The newly-single Zuena, a mother of two with singer Bebe Cool, called into the station immediately and denied the story.
The presenters put her off air as she explained and said she would appear live in the KFM studios this Wednesday to clear the air.
Mowzey grew up in Jinja and were very good friends with Zuena whose family, up to now, stays in the beautiful eastern town.
Rafshizzle also understands that Mowzey invited Zuena to his launch with Weasel at Hotel Africana but she instead passed on the invitation to her young sister Mimi. Mimi spent that whole night in company of TV presenter Karitas Karisimbi, who is Zuena’s tight these days. Zuena also manages Karitas’ show on WBS TV; they also eat the same food and drive the same car.
Meanwhile, Zuena has also categorically denied allegations that she has had something with Capt. Juma Seiko.
During the phone call, Zuena said she would never fall in love with Seiko.
“I have never and never will I fall in love with Seiko,” said an angry Zuena, “I really don’t understand where people get all that trash.”
In last week’s Sqoop Magazine of Daily Monitor, Zuena said she is her ex Bebe Cool’s “number one fan.”


doggie said...

what de hell do people want from zuena? ugandans like pocking their noses into other people's businesses. pliz dont stock her wiz your zibz she has got enough to solve.

kemera said...

pipo shud stop making stupid rumours ok. dey shud mek sure dat zuena recreates ha relation wit bebecool nat breaking them far.

apollo said...

Peope why dont you let Zuena to first get out of the injury she has been in all through the past month? The person who reported on KFM is just having a hiden agenda.

Aiven said...

Pipo pipo!