Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tshala Muana at Garden City

If we could invent a saying of our own, it would go like: “It’s easy to get Congolese music out of Uganda but you cannot get Congolese artistes out of Uganda…”
It’s simply because we’re always bumping into Congolese stars enjoying life in different nightspots in Kampala – and it’s not bad!
For instance, we got quite excited to meet Tshala Muana at Simba Casino on Garden City on Wednesday night.
The aging singer, who was in company of a towering bouncer, went straight to the casino machines to try her luck.
She played as the bouncer patrolled her vicinity while another man sat next to her.
Of course we said hi.

AND now we've just been told, by a reliable source, that the Congolese star purposely came here to finalise a deal with some Ugandan promoter and she will be performing at Sabrinas Pub sooner than later.

Bannange, hope she doesn't play all her deposit in the casino!!! Just saying, of course.

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