Wednesday, November 18, 2009


MEN ON THE MONEY: Kevin, Edward and Itai

Day 72 of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION was all about testing scientific theories and discussing conspiracy theories. No different from another day in the Big Brother house – except now the conspiracies are part of this week’s task!

This week’s task is called the Industrial Revolution and housemates are required to act as lab rats and test some of the world’s oldest and greatest mysteries. The myths to be tested include: “can you make good luck?”, “who has the highest pain threshold – men or women?”, “gravity – can it be overcome” and a variety of food and alcohol-based myths.

The task presentation will be a scientific arrangement of the findings of the experiments, revealed in an entertaining way. During all of their investigations, they may not sleep a wink during the day!

The Housemates were alarmed by Big Brother's "no sleeping" rule and debate over whether to wager 100%, with Itai leading the case for maximizing their win, while Nkenna reminded everyone that all the tasks have lost so far have been because of sleep infringements. After Emma and Mzamo add their voices to the debate, the housemates decide to wager 50% of their Sha-Sha’s on the outcome of the task.

Can you make good luck? The Housemates test out the theory with a mix of raw and boiled eggs bashed against the head.

The first theory the housemates tested was “can you make good luck?”. In the garden, they found 7 trays of eggs. On each tray, half the eggs are boiled and the other half raw. They randomly selected 6 eggs each, with one housemate at a time breaking their eggs – one by one – over their heads. The housemates also selected a lucky charm to carry with them for the remainder of the day. Geraldine, Mzamo and Emma seemed to be the unluckiest of the lot with raw egg all over their hair, as Big Brother forbade the housemates from protecting their hair.

The next test was to measure whether men or women have the highest pain threshold. The first element involved the housemates each waxing equal areas of their bodies. The female housemates seemed to fare better, with Emma attributing their success to the fact that ‘women wax all the time’. Kevin, on the other hand, believed that the female housemates didn’t have as much hair to begin with.

Apart from conducting lab experiments for their Task this week, Housemates are tasked with discussing the potential truth behind conspiracy theories. The theories they will spend time during the week debating include “Wars are created and funded by greedy Multi-National companies”, and the prevalence of ‘human tracking chips’.

In his diary sessions, Kevin has often told Big Brother that as an aspiring rapper, some of the things he misses the most outside the house are his rhyme book and pen. Since this week’s task came with pens, Kevin has taken advantage and started to rekindle his creativity. All the housemates seem taken with having access to pens, as some tried to sketch each other while others played drawing games. Kevin spent some time after the conspiracy theory discussion composing something titled “For Her”.

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