Monday, March 23, 2009

'I’m still newsworthy'

STRUT IT MR: Fagil Mandy on the catwalk during fashion night in Club Silk last week

Here at the Showbiz Shed we got super excited to see Mr Fagil Mandy return onto the pin-up pages after his catwalk at the E-Creations Fashion show in Club Silk last week.
And now, the former commissioner of education says he should feature a little more onto our pages. So we want to sing from the rooftops: “Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back....Mr Fagil Mandy.”
See, after the fashion show, we chatted with Mr Mandy and he said he would wish to be consulted about many things in the country.
“I have knowledge about several things in this nation and you (journalists) should be seeking some knowledge,” he said, “I’m still newsworthy. You lose nothing by calling me and ask about a few things.”
Actually, Mr Mandy told us the same words when we met him near Hoima town around 2005.
Hope this is a nice one for starters, Mr Mandy?

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