Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ben Stiller's secret visit to Uganda

CAPTION: Ben Stiller with the people of Gulu

Some fellas here in the newsroom have teasingly been telling us to relocate to northern Uganda - because Hollywood's biggest names are always sneaking into the country and going to the north without our knowledge.
Can you believe even actor/director/producer Ben Stiller was in Uganda last month?
A source from Gulu told us of how they enjoyed a "ride" with one of Hollywood's hottest comedy actors Ben Stiller.
We first thought it was another joke until someone at Save the Children initiative confirmed to us that Stiller came to the motherland in mid October.
He was here to drive home the message about educating children and his trip was organised by the Save the Children initiative in Africa and sponsored by jewellery company Bulgari.
Stiller, who has acted in comedy movies like A Night At The Museum, stayed for a week and played and ate with the children of Gulu.
The good news, we're told Stiller could revisit Uganda in 2011 - if we could wait for World Cup which comes after four years then Ben will find us ready.

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