Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Majo signs deal with Makoma

CAPTION: Tutala Makoma (left) poses for a photo with Majo entertainment's Mark Zziwa at the latter's studios in Bunga

Hey, hey, relax…don’t get fooled by the headline!
Majo has signed a deal with just one of the Makomas.
Well, let’s bring you up to speed: Local music promoter, Mark Zziwa of Majo Entertainment has signed a business deal with one of the Makoma Band members Tutala Makoma.
UK-based Tutala is the guy who raps in all the Makoma band songs and he is the one who came up with the idea of bringing together all his siblings as a music group.
Tutala also doubles as a music promoter who has taken a number of international stars to the DR Congo and his visit to Uganda was aimed at creating a relationship with Zziwa, who was also behind the coming of Jamaican singing-sisters Brick & Lace.
Sources say that Tutala arrived last Tuesday and left on Monday, and promised that the next artiste he wants to bring to Uganda will be Koffi Olomidde or Buster Rhymes “soon this year.”
We’re keeping our fingers crossed on this one!

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