Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big Brother (4): The Revolution starts with confusion!


Ladies and gentlemen as we promised, we want to be the first in updating you about Big Brother: The Revolution.
The show started tonight (Sunday) at 8 p.m. and as the organisers promised, there are a lot of surprises, changes and twists.
The M-Net show which will last for 91 days has a new presenter in the names of IK plus it has a completely redesigned eye logo and the prize money has doubled to USD 200, 000.
IK was at hand to tell the viewers all the details and even if he didn’t sound good (to me) as good as previous host KB, he managed to control the show.
Well, also audiences will have to vote for the housemates they want to see stay in the house and not one they want evicted like it has been the case.
We saw some new furniture in there and some of the house designers said the number of cameras and microphones has almost doubled.
The number of housemates has also moved from 12 to 14 while housemates will be allowed to form cliques and even discuss the game strategy.
The 14 participating countries this year are Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Each country will have one housemate.
BUT, some countries have gotten in two housemates (i.e. Uganda and Kenya) whilst other countries have no representatives in the house (Angola, Malawi and Tanzania).
NOW, the trick is that some housemates will be evicted this weekend following nominations tonight.
That means, Uganda and Kenya will have to give up one housemate and five girls are on their way to the house come next week.
The twists and turns on the show seem never to end and some of them will be revealed as the show goes on – some should be spontaneous.
In the meantime, let’s present to you the guys who entered the house yesterday.
Hannington Kuteesa Kavuma – he’s a son of Judge Steven Kavuma and Member of Parliament Ruth Kavuma. He has just returned from Malaysia where he has been doing a course in IT. You can’t believe we were with this chap at the Kampala Rugby Club and he couldn’t tell us anything, well, good luck to him.
Meanwhile, the other Ugandan is called Filbert Okure and we’re still collecting information about him so keep it right here. (They tell us, Hannington will leave, mbu).

Anyways, Zimbabwe has sent Itai Makumbe – the 31-year-old loves politics. And you guessed right, most politicians bore except for guys like Ken Lukyamuzi, President Museveni and Idd Amin (RIP).
Kenya also has two in Edward Muthusi aka Teddy and Jeremy Ndirangu.
Nigeria has sent Kevin Chuwang – who is a 27-year-old unemployed chap.
From Botswana: is Kaone Ramontshonyana – I honestly failed to understand the chap.
First-timers Ethiopia is being represented by Yacob Yehdego – he promised to be himself, a thing that almost every Ethiopian says. His nickname is Yac. Need to wait…
The hosts South Africa have a Mzungu called Quinn Silder – at 21 years of age, the charming white is the youngest in the house; plus he’s a DJ and radio presenter so he should be in the know of how to entertain people.
Other first-timers Mozambique sent 23-year-old Leonel Estevda.
Ghana had a dread-locked Code and this year is no exceptional with Rastafarian George Wayde coming from that side. He’s got the spirit for the game and his Patio lingua was the icing on the cake as he entered the house.
Namibia has Edward & Erastus Moongo, the identical twin brothers, who have to keep their relationship unknown for three weeks lest they face eviction once one of them gets nominated.
You must be wondering “where are the ladies,” well, the host said there will be ladies in the house “next week…”
Hope that tells you why some people will have to leave the house. In fact, they showed us the five girls but not their faces and we hope their faces match with their legs and abs we saw…
For more details check later for the next post!

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