Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jackie hits at Cindy in Mombasa

Cinderella Sanyu has many fans and friends...
But former Blu3 group-mates, especially Jackie Chandiru may not be some of them.
The Blu3 girls have been talking about the breakaway singer in less than favourable terms.
Remember Cindy was replaced by Mya Baganda while she was on holiday with her Spanish boyfriend Mario Brunetta last year.
So when Blu3 was in Mombasa for the East Africa divas beach party, last week, the audience kept asking the whereabouts of Cindy, according to a source at Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation.
Our Kenyan source also told us that the girls tried to dodge the question but the audience kept stubbornly asking, “Where is Cindy” during every break.
Questioned so many times, Jackie replied: “Oh my god. We really, really would have loved to be with her but she was not serious. She left the group for a man. There’s no way we would have worked with such a person.”
After those controversial comments, Jackie went ahead to introduce Cindy and the girls didn’t hold themselves back by putting up an exhilarating performance.


dizol said...

silly jackie, cindy is better than all of them combined

jalia said...

pliz jackie leave beautiful cindy alone coz she 's so beautiful

mugisha said...

oh! Cindy's muziq is way ahead