Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Naava wants the world to know

Are Naava and the marketing manager of Scania buses and trucks Labeja Akengo the hottest new twosome?
On the love boat, that is.
Because Naava has been throwing around the 'D&W' word.
That's dating and wedding, not dining and wining.
Mukasa Mbidde's daughter has been telling her friends she has finally made up her mind to settle with 'one' man.
She says, however, the trouble is not proving the world and its dog that she has settled and that is why she is giving her new man so much of her time.
The couple hang out together in small and big spots with or without an invitation and they were all over each other at Sylvia Owori's 10-year career celebrations at Serena Hotel, as the picture suggests.
We're told Naava had given up on love because Ugandan men are unfaithful until someone who knows how to hit the right buttons came in the name of Labeja.
Good luck!

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Mo said...

So how the relatioship going?