Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Buchaman unhappy with Chameleone

Uganda is probably as familiar with the rivalry of Leone Island and Firebase Crew as it is with the national anthem. If not more so.
However, the rivalry seems to have taken a somewhat comical twist with Buchaman claiming that Chameleone wants to “steal” the disabled people’s property.
We overheard Buchaman telling friends that Chameleone should stop walking on clutches because “he’s not lame anymore.”
In his own words, Buchaman said: “That guy (Chameleone) healed long time ago but he’s still using clutches to make people think he’s lame. True, he was lame but for a few months. It is high time he abandoned those sticks. I have seen him walk with Sam Gombya and let me hope they don’t want to connive and steal our things. You know Chameleone is such a shrewd guy, he might come out as Member of Parliament for the Disabled yet there are people like us who have been lame for decades and should be benefiting.”
No comment!


Critic said...

Buchaman is a weak artist, tell him to forget about thoz Bujubanton stunts he pulls on shows, we are tired of his rough and uncoordinated rhymes. please tell him 2 look for a new talent teacher. and he should chill Jose Chameleon alone. the Brother is a star. Actually he should join Leon Island. What do you think Raf?

Critic said...

And about the clutches. Buchaman should just cut that Useless leg off other wise he isnt that lame too! Let him chill Chameleon and Gombya's Limbs to recover peacefully. Ok?

steve-mark said...

Allow me to referee this. chameleone is a natural showman, Gombya has got the best voice in the industry, and Buchaman, er,...ermmmmm a aproper muyaaye from kamwokya with zeal talant but rolling with those with it . He should be grateful to be "known"