Wednesday, January 7, 2009

KFM now owns Dembe FM

DONE DEAL: Aisha Alibhai (R) has been part of a sucessful KFM

Everybody will be saying, “Who else could have gotten this news before Rafshizzle” and it’s not because of my relationship with Monitor Publications Limited (MPL) but because stories are on this blog now and soon they’ll be somewhere else.
Well, we can exclusively reveal to you that MPL has bought Dembe FM from Bitature.
MPL is under Aga Khan’s Nairobi-based Nation Media Group of Companies (NMG), who also owns the Daily Monitor newspaper, NTV Uganda and KFM radio in Uganda.
Our Sherlocks have revealed to us that some of the staff at the Nakasero-based Dembe FM will be retained but most of them are bound to lose their jobs as the new owners have a different vision of the station and its running.
“The station will remain in Nakasero for the time being but they will move it to Namuwongo near its sister KFM,” said the source.
The details of the deal, especially how much money was paid to money-man Bitature, are something we can’t release at the moment. But rest assured that we will keep you posted on the developments especially about the staff to be affected.
Bina Baby? We also don’t know!
Anyways, all we know is that the move is part of NMG’s attempt to take over the media field in Uganda.
In fact, KFM will have its signals strengthen all over the country by Friday this week.
Daily Monitor newspaper is in a process to add more magazines into their paper and now NTV Uganda is also on DStv.
Doesn’t that sound quite an improvement?


chec said...


can you contact me for business of this email address.

Anyway thanks for your efforts.


MPUGA said...

Shizzo, u mean its for real!
Big ups to KFM, it will always lead en by acquring Dembe FM, it will be the best.