Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Muhangi's lavish honeymoon

Just a few people can spend their honeymoon flying in a private jet from one place to another for a week.
Step forward Charles Muhangi.
The rally ace wedded the mother of his three children Patience Muhangi at a lavish wedding in Bushenyi before setting off for an incredible honeymoon tour of East Africa.
Insiders tell us that Muhangi and his bride flew in a chopper from church at Ruharo in Mbarara to the reception in Bushenyi on Saturday before proceeding to Kampala where they stayed briefly and headed for Nairobi.
They left Nairobi for Zanzibar on Tuesday and then went to Bujumbura and Kigali before returning to Munyonyo on Thursday.
All the six days, the chopper was at hand to move the newlyweds.
It takes a few bobs to have this chopper at your service and we can imagine the millions Muhangi spent on his honeymoon.

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