Friday, June 5, 2009

What's wrong Jamal?

It makes us uneasy when celebs do things that even us ordinary folks wish we could avoid.
Not only would we never be seen walking on foot from home to town but we also try to reduce on the times we use Boda-Boda.
So imagine our shock, very slightly verging on frustration, when we saw artiste Jamal doing just that.
He may defend himself that he is a new artiste and he’s yet to make money to buy a car but his frequent usage of Boda-Boda is not big and not clever.
The singer uses Boda-Boda for more than five times a day and sometimes you find him walking on foot in the night.
Just last Friday alone, we saw the singer, who stays in Namuwongo on a Boda for more than five times.
So consider us popping this chap on our Christmas present list for a new car – well wishers contact him.


limp said...

honestly raf, wat is wrong with using a boda?if anything, they are more expensive than taxis...give me a down-to-earth artist anyday..articles like these turn normal artists into either lousy artists as they stampede stuff onto the market, or they become thieves so as to live up to the lifestyle you prefer

limp said...

nice blog tho..ur articles are usu on point

Ssemanda Paul said...

its okey for him to ride on a boda boda. may be thats what he can afford. free style always.