Sunday, February 22, 2009

“Get off Bebe’s back, Mowzey”

Think showbiz is all about superficiality and back-stabbing?

Nope - just like a fairy story, true friendship does exist in Celebville.

Please join us in congratulating all the artistes who are trying to help Bebe Cool through a troubling time.

Bebe Cool and his model wife Zuena Kirema split some weeks ago and as if that wasn’t enough, the reggae star was dragged to court for default recently.

Since then Bebe Cool has been down and broken and he looked like he was losing it when he started fighting with minnow DJs and singers.

But star songwriter Sylva Kyagulanyi has intervened to save the situation.

Kyagulanyi started with attacking Mowzey and Weasel for concentrating on making songs that “insult” Bebe Cool.

“Why are they singing about a fellow artiste’s private life, that’s not fair at all,” said Kyagulanyi. “I’ve told them that what is happing to him (Bebe Cool) could happen to any of them any time, they’re not immune to marital problems.”

Meanwhile, Bebe Cool has since vacated his house in Kisaasi leaving it for Zuena and their children.

A source told us that Bebe Cool demanded that he wanted to stay near his children but Zuena told him it would only be possible if he left the house for them.

“He’s staying near home but Zuena doesn’t allow him to enter the house,” said the source.

Twists and more twists in this affair!