Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Straka wants a wedding sponsor

STRAKA AND CAESERMAN: These two lovebirds want to marry but need a sponsor for their wedding...

Straka is one funny 'baibe' - she is looking for sponsors for her wedding with beau Ceaserman, we can exclusively reveal.
The Sqoop Sherlocks are aware of Straka's struggle to make her wedding take place after publicly announcing that she would get married to Caeserman before the end of this year.
Now, we're told she has moved the wedding to early next year but the couple is not in (a financial) position to fund the type of wedding they wish to have.
So, Straka has been moving around looking for big companies or any rich individuals who can help put money into her wedding plans.
The most interesting thing, though, is the fact that the WBS TV presenter has been giving companies and businessmen written proposals seeking sponsorship just like how it is done for concerts. She indicates the benefits of the company at the wedding and after the wedding - talk of mentions and so forth.
Pass us a hankie...

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