Monday, March 23, 2009

Ex-Miss Uganda Acom turns to music

Caption: Lillian's poster hanging on one of the streets in New Jersey

Juliana Kanyomozi better be on your guard.
Because someone appears to be ready to take you on for the top female singer position!
The challenger in question is someone who has even ever held a national title - as Miss Uganda way back in the late 90s.
Her name is Lillian Acom Akore, who currently stays in New Jersey, USA.
Our Sherlocks in the US tell us that former Miss Uganda Acom has embarked on a music career, however, in the gospel field and things seem to be moving smoothly for her.
She will, in fact, be launching her maiden album titled Healer Messiah come March 21.
The posters are already up on the streets of New Jersey and Acom is on tense rehearsals ahead of her concert where people will enter for free.
The action will take place at the Hilton Newark Penn Station between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.
How unfortunate we feel for not being anywhere near the US as we could make the audience at Acom’s show!

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