Monday, September 7, 2009

Uganda’s Maureen Kabasiita on probation

CAPTION: Saved the lady standing on the right

The audience booed the judges as they announced the contestants on probation for this week on Sunday.
But wait a minute; the taunts and boos were at Effendy’s Restaurant in Kampala as a Ugandan was mentioned amongst the people on probation.
The audience became angry immediately after Judge Ian Mbugua told Uganda’s Maureen Kabasiita to join Tanzania’s Illuminata, Rwanda’s Christian and Nina on the probation list.
The audience felt that Maureen sang Angelique Kidjo’s Wombolombo so well but Ian thought otherwise.
The audience cheered the Ugandan girl on doing the classic but Ian condemned her singing as shouting and said she shouldn’t confuse shouting with singing.
The judges also said Christian, who was saved last week from being evicted by the fans, didn’t sing convincing enough to stay in the house.
Then Ian said Illuminata is gorgeous but her singing might not get her out of the dog house.
And Nina was sentenced for choosing a “wrong song” for her voice.
The Principal of the academy Achieng Abura said that the judges got it all wrong. She however applauded the contestants for their great performance during the gala show and encouraged them to make their performances even better, come next weekend.
Maureen’s number is six; if you want to save her simply send tusker6 to 7197.
There is no restriction to the number of messages you send.
Meanwhile the contestant who was evicted on Saturday was Tanzania’s 22-year-old Carol Uliwa.
The beauty takes the number of evictees to two following next week’s eviction of fellow Tanzanian Kelvin Stephens.

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