Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fat Boy, Allan, what’s the beef

Sanyu FM’s Fat Boy and Capital FM’s Allan Kasujja attending Michael Jackson’s movie This Is It premiere at Cineplex Cinema was a really big hit on our eyes ... we watched a movie acted during a premiere of another movie.
How did it start?
Fat Boy came with workmates Crystal, Val and Melanie whilst Kasujja, a former employee of Sanyu, came in alone and clearly showed that he wanted company by joining the quartet.
However, Kasujja’s move didn’t impress Fat Boy who moved away from the girls and was followed by a naïve Val.
We even overheard Fat Boy telling a friend that he had no interest in talking to Kasujja since he is not in his circles.
As if that wasn’t enough, after the movie screening, Kasujja and Melanie were joined by Crystal and Val to proceed to the Food Court for lunch but Fat Boy was unimpressed.
In fact, Fat Boy declined to join the rest of journalists at the Food Court and decided to leave without eating.

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