Monday, April 13, 2009

Video school for Uganda

LIKE THIS: Mr Fournier speaks to Rafshizzle.

The Abanunule film took him three years to finish and now Alex Fournier is venturing into something quite different.
The Minnesota-based film director, who is working on his second Ugandan film, also plans to open a video school in Uganda by the start of 2010.
We had a natter with the filmmaker and he revealed: “I’ve found a gap in video making. From the camera man to the editor of the picture, everything is second-rate. It’s even embarrassing that most TV camera men don’t know how to capture pictures. These people either didn’t go for training or they went to the wrong institutes. I want to help out.”
He said the school would also train people in acting, filmmaking and production.
“When I got here, I said, ‘what an amazing place’ and up to now I don’t understand why the film industry is not growing,” he said, “But now I’ve realised there’s just lack of quality in filmmaking here but Uganda has some of the best stories, best character and best sites for movie.”
Who knows, maybe the school will open many people’s eyes...

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