Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Memory of Rakeem Owori

All roads will lead to the legendary Stratford Rex in London this Saturday as Ugandans in the UK mark the 45th Independence in two different ways.
It will be the ordinary Independence Day celebration as well as the remembrance of fallen music promoter Rakeem Owori who died a few weeks ago.
Actually, Rakeem was the one organising this Independence Day concert featuring Jose Chameleone with Tanzania’s Mr Nice and UK-based singing pair Da Twinz, but death never allowed him to fulfil his dream.
However, Chameleone who left Uganda for UK today morning told Rafshizzle, “I’m off to the UK for the show of the late Rakeem Owori. He left a dream behind that needs a fulfilment. It’s at Stratford Rex. Judgement Day is what he (Rakeem) had named it…it’s our task to make his dream come true regardless of where he is today. He did a lot for Ugandan music and he deserves this.”
And as you read this, mails have started flying inviting everybody to celebrate the anniversary of Uganda’s 45th independence (UK) in memory of Rakeem Owor.
Tickets are going for 20 pounds (if you by in advance) and 25 pounds (from the gate).

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