Thursday, October 18, 2007

Elvis akoze what?

CAPTION: Elvis and Kiima during introduction (Left) and below is the couple in Club Silk after Rafshizzle had smoked them out

All hail Radio One presenter RS Elvis.
Rafshizzle feels we need to heap on piles of admiration.
The bloke is gone (I hear Agenze, according to his website…
Kyoka bannange, I’m sorry to use a lot of Luganda in an English publication but it’s just the best way I could express my delight approximating how President Museveni switches to Swahili to express his anger.
Yes you heard right – Elvis is hitting the aisle come December.
And the wonder of it is that he is not just marrying a woman but a woman who brought dances to a standstill in Silk Royale sometime back – I mean, she is a heartthrob.
Everyone was like ‘who is sipping from this cup of eternal pleasure’ – in fact Rafshizzle had a story and photo of Elvis with the lady and people couldn’t believe what they saw.
But much as your admirations were considered, there has been not a jot of change of her mind and as you read this, Dierdre Kiima has already introduced Elvis in her parents in Seeta along the Kampala-Jinja highway.
The Kwanjula took place over the weekend and even if I wasn’t invited, I don’t feel left out at all.
Frankly, December is just around the corner and remember my eye will still be sharp on the events.
In the meantime I wanna say goodbye:Readers watch the space, Elvis, enjoy.


Iwaya said...

I wonder what she has that all the other women before her have not had...

Good luck to Elvis, he has been through a lot.

woofy said...

yoyo i luv the whole commitment thing though i think its kinda bichty,and those peeps with negative comments(not like mine)just have nuuggu coz it aint them walkin down the aisle.hey men im in love with this whole djying thing and was wondering if you can help me up