Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome Mother Xmas Juliana

There is no denying musicians have a fair bit of cash.
So it’s nice to see that many of them are quick to help a person in need. In fact, giving is on the up. But who was around this Christmas to remember the needy ones?
Juliana Kanyomozi is the name I can find in the box and big kudos to her…
A little birdie tells me that Juliana visited IAM children’s family ministries, an orphanage in Lungujja and threw a Christmas feast for the needy kids at place.
And not only did she give free items worth Shs3m but Juliana also engaged in preparing an Xmas meal for the kids.
Hummm…I would love to taste a Juliana-made meal, banange! Lucky kids…
And publicity aside, the IAM caretaker Ms Suzan Rwakatare had only praises for the Kibaluma star – calling her “a bighearted lady.”
“She has such a big heart, and I think it’s why God made her a star,” said Rwakatare.
Rafshizzle is satisfied with celebrities this year as far as giving is concerned.
This year: One of them is helping that homeless guy on the street and the other is preaching for peace.
And whether it’s a penny or a fiver, anything helps.
So we give a big kudos to those celebs helping to better all those around them.

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